Mauricio Ortiz

About Us

Mauricio Ortiz Photography creates clean fresh images that spark connection and generate conversation. We do this by positioning and featuring your unique photographic expectations and needs within a world environment. We take pride in breathing life into ideas and creating real exhilarating images. We work hard to keep things simple, and let the photographs speak for themselves. You have the words and we make the pictures. Your brand sets the tone for us to create, craft and tailor meaningful stories. You always come first. Our aim is to balance the commercial and artistic, but above all, the over-riding mission is to inject warmth and soul into every image and thereby, open the viewer to exciting new perspectives. We are a trilingual group working together to provide you with a unique and meaningful photographic experience. We make it our mission to infuse soul and purpose into every image. Ours is a hands on approach to what we do. We love a challenge; we love to create; and we love to exceed expectations.

Mauricio Ortiz honed his exceptional skill and love for photography somewhere between Istanbul and Hong Kong. Guatemalan born and Mexican raised, he is self-taught with a style that thrives in the editorial and portraiture worlds, while drawing inspiration from personality, attitude and style.

After studying marine biology, Ortiz quickly realized this did not challenge him and so he set out to explore the world with his passport as his compass and camera as co-pilot. During his adventures to countless locations, he documented the people and places that fascinated him. With passion and energy, Ortiz found something beautiful and unique in what others saw as average and mundane. Travel taught him that, in photography, perspective is everything.

Today, that sense of perspective has become his trademark for his many exclusive images. Attention to detail, the beauty of simplicity and confidence in direction define Ortiz and his hands on approach to his photography. For him, art is achieved in the creation of memorable images. His photographs are in part fashion, but always distinctive art pieces.

You can usually find Ortiz in his Montreal studio, happily realizing commercial, editorial and personal projects that seamlessly bridge the vast gap between fashion and art. Armed with an incisive knowledge of photography’s language, in both the worlds of commerce and art, he uses his unassailable passion and charm to inject warmth and soul into every image he captures. Today, he is known for his clean, arresting, signature style.